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The Pandemic Is Your Opportunity to Write Your First Book

There’s a lot to stress about during this pandemic. With businesses struggling to stay afloat, widespread unemployment, and controversy over how and when the country reopens, it’s no wonder that many people are turning to creative pursuits like music and writing. There are several compelling reasons why it’s a perfect time to write your first […]

The Author’s Email List – Yes, You Need One!

How many freebies have you collected for the cost of an email address? If you’ve ever entered your email address in exchange for a sample chapter or free guide, you’ve seen how email addresses can become valuable tender. It may mean nothing but spam messages to you now, but once you start building your email […]

How to Write a Compelling Book Description That Will Hook Readers

Perhaps the most important marketing material for any book is its description. Though the title and cover capture the reader’s attention at first glance, the book description is what coaxes the reader to either buy the book or place it back on the shelf. For instance, ask yourself first, “Is my book a romantic novel […]

eBooks2go Expands Market Reach for Mitchell Lane Publishers’ Classroom Resources through eBook Partnership

eBooks2go and Mitchell Lane Publishers have formed an eBook partnership to raise awareness around the educational publisher’s classroom resources. Nearly 1,000 titles will be converted into ePUB3 and Mobi formats. “Mitchell Lane had been on our radar for a while,” said Leslie Chirchirillo, the business operations manager for eBooks2go. “Their strong nonfiction catalog covers unique […]

Author Spotlight: Jason Ranieri

Jason Ranieri was often asked when he would run for office. According to Ranieri, this was because of what he called the “father factor”. “My father was a politician and if your father is a blacksmith, chances are the boy will do the same,” said Ranieri.     Initially, Ranieri seemed destined to follow in […]

Crowdfunding: Reducing the Cost of Self-Publishing

It’s no secret that a successful product, company, or franchise wouldn’t be where it is today without the help and donations from its fans and supporters. It could come in the form of a local charity partnering up with a popular restaurant that offers them a percentage of the profits from their supporters’ meals for […]

When to Take the “Self” Out of Self-Publishing

December 15, 2014, was a day that I will never forget. It was the day I finally got to hold a physical copy of my novel in my hands. Seeing my name on the cover and flipping through the pages to read the words and the story that I had put together was unlike anything […]


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