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Archives for February 2012

ebook distribution

The era of eBook publishing, has transformed the landscape of book distribution. The costs associated with ebook distribution are relatively low, only requiring a server space to set up an ebook store and start selling. Although many have ventured into ebook selling through online stores, it is surprising to note that the distribution of ebooks has been dominated by just a handful of these companies. The distributors of ebooks basically connect readers with publishers and authors. These … [Read more...]

Fixed Format eBook services for Kindle Fire from eBooks2go

eBooks2go has expanded its eBook conversion service capabilities for Amazon's Kindle Fire. The release of Amazon's KF8 has brought with it incredible formatting and design features and challenges for Books with Fixed format layout needs. eBooks2go now offers publishers and authors who require fixed format layout for their eBooks whole range of new formatting and design options. These include among others, nested tables, sidebars, scalable vector graphics, fixed layouts, callouts etc. As Kindle … [Read more...]

Introduction to self-publishing

Self publishing is an easy yet powerful way for any writer to get his or her book published. The concept of self publishing has caught up well with the self publisher having better control of every aspect of the book. The author brings in all that is required to create and finance the book. As a self publisher, the writer runs a small business which need to be named appropriately; something ending with the words Publishing , Press or Books indicating that its something got to do with … [Read more...]

Get to know your eBook reader

Together with the advent of electronic books or the eBooks, eBook readers too developed. These eBook readers enable reading eBooks on them. eBooks are of two kinds. One is the type that can be read on the computer, generally in a format compatible with the standard operating software. Occasionally these may require additional plug-ins or special software. The other kind of eBooks is that meant for mobile devices or eBook readers. eBooks compatible to these readers are available on online … [Read more...]

Manuscript preparation Basics

Making sure the manuscript is compatible to the submission requirements is a daunting task, for some writers. The way the manuscript is submitted for publication is equally as important as the content to be published. Most publishers have their own set of rules for submission of manuscript and it is easy for writers to subconsciously breach one or more of them; thus diminishing their chances of being accepted. Although publishers may have their own manuscript submission guidelines, certain … [Read more...]

eBook conversion of Following the Footsteps of Jesus by Jose Antonio Pagola

  eBooks2go has converted the book Following the Footsteps of Jesus to an ebook. The book is a guide for reading Sunday Gospels and meditating Homilies every week for the Liturgical Cycle B. The book by Jose Antonio Pagola, author of the Bestseller JESUS: An Historical Approximation , establishes a close familiarity with the words of the Gospels and brings us into consonance with Jesus. These words inspire in us, Jesus love for the world, builds up enthusiasm for his project of the … [Read more...]

The coming of academic eBooks

As electronic publishing and its marketing gets better stabilized, research institutions and academicians increasingly look for ebook versions for their requirements. It is therefore not a surprise that institutions and libraries also keep a track of electronic publications to complement their printed books. The current ebook trend in academic and scholarly publishing might be attributed to scientific journals which took to e-versions early. Although it is widely anticipated that it would … [Read more...]


eBook Conversion

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