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Check your Online Book Publishing package

In the days of traditional printing we've heard many stories of authors struggling to get their works published and others getting their works rejected. However with the introduction of newer technology, the concept of online book publishing took off, enabling authors and publishers to bring out their books quickly and that too at a very affordable price. Online books publishers are capable of providing a wider selling base, either through their own online store or through online giants like … [Read more...]

Fixed Format eBook services for Kindle Fire from eBooks2go

eBooks2go has expanded its eBook conversion service capabilities for Amazon's Kindle Fire. The release of Amazon's KF8 has brought with it incredible formatting and design features and challenges for Books with Fixed format layout needs. eBooks2go now offers publishers and authors who require fixed format layout for their eBooks whole range of new formatting and design options. These include among others, nested tables, sidebars, scalable vector graphics, fixed layouts, callouts etc. As Kindle … [Read more...]

eBook conversion of Following the Footsteps of Jesus by Jose Antonio Pagola

  eBooks2go has converted the book Following the Footsteps of Jesus to an ebook. The book is a guide for reading Sunday Gospels and meditating Homilies every week for the Liturgical Cycle B. The book by Jose Antonio Pagola, author of the Bestseller JESUS: An Historical Approximation , establishes a close familiarity with the words of the Gospels and brings us into consonance with Jesus. These words inspire in us, Jesus love for the world, builds up enthusiasm for his project of the … [Read more...]

Cut The Chase, Make the right Moves

In the e-publishing and self publishing day of today, there are lot of strategies and cost analysis tips for writers and prospective writers. However there are few if any, effective solutions to sell your book online and make money. In today's multi-genre book publishing world, with its new cross-genres developing by the day, there is something for everyone to share; which could all go well as a book. Books may be short with just a few pages or may stretch for up to a few hundred pages too. … [Read more...]

Do you know your epub?

Welcome to the era of ebooks and publishing your own book . When traditional publishing models took the beating, the decline of printed books was as anticipated. With rising costs of materials and printing, publishers took to eBook publishing, and were soon seeking business models for such publishing services; fueled by the rising sales of ebook readers. One of the notable formats for ebook publishing is the ePub. EPub is a short form used for electronic publishing, and can be represented … [Read more...]


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Our eBook conversion process makes your book look great on eReaders.

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