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eTextbook publishing, a boon to students

For over a century, students gained all their knowledge only from their text books. The traditional textbook had always remained the same, although the way people learned them has changed. Textbooks had always been a costly affair for students. As students are required to bring text books to the class, the textbook market had an advantage over the other markets. This had obviously induced several publishers to enter this segment and cash in on it. On the part of the schools, they are … [Read more...]

Check your Online Book Publishing package

In the days of traditional printing we've heard many stories of authors struggling to get their works published and others getting their works rejected. However with the introduction of newer technology, the concept of online book publishing took off, enabling authors and publishers to bring out their books quickly and that too at a very affordable price. Online books publishers are capable of providing a wider selling base, either through their own online store or through online giants like … [Read more...]

Getting to know Print On Demand publishing

The print on-demand publishing or POD may be described as a new form of content distribution enabled by new digital printing technologies. The main feature of this type of book printing is that it makes it possible for the production of few prints whenever required. In the traditional press, setting up and printing a book is a very costly affair, and therefore printing just a few copies would be a nightmare. As a result of being able to print a small number of copies, publishers are immensely … [Read more...]

Introduction to self-publishing

Self publishing is an easy yet powerful way for any writer to get his or her book published. The concept of self publishing has caught up well with the self publisher having better control of every aspect of the book. The author brings in all that is required to create and finance the book. As a self publisher, the writer runs a small business which need to be named appropriately; something ending with the words Publishing , Press or Books indicating that its something got to do with … [Read more...]

The relevance of social media and publishing

The phenomenal rise of the Facebook reflects the relevance of social media today. Social media has today become crucial for people and businesses to connect with the rest of the world. Today, with Google competing Facebook with regard to traffic, the era of social media is evident. Today people and organizations require social media strategies to promote their interests.   Publishers are beginning to increasingly tap into the social media tools to advance their interests and bring … [Read more...]


eBook Conversion

Our eBook conversion process makes your book look great on eReaders.

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