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Gantec announces the launch of GBooks and the eReader

authoreBooks2go  on  Wednesday |clock-iconMay,2, 2012| 6:33 AM

Despite an ever increasing number of books in the public domain, there haven’t been considerable efforts by contemporary publishers to render this, fully compatible with today’s technology and requirements. The books of the bygone era, passed onto us as public assets need to be preserved and cherished as relics, while also made to meet the needs of contemporary readers.

A Public domain work is just the opposite of a copyrighted work. Copyrighted works are associated with several rights of the owner, with regard to the way the work can be used, reproduced or sold. The public domain books on the other hand have no ownership rights associated with it, and therefore everyone or no one can be said to be its owner.

To give public domain books its due place and to make them compatible in every way, to any technologically advanced book, Gantec publishing has introduced the GBooks or the General Books. GBooks is a growing place for all public domain books, from where books could be searched, accessed, stored and read with its eReader.

Download GBooks eReader App for iPad

And therefore the free new eReader app from GBooks has been released! Gantec Publishing has released the free GBooks Apps that enable reading of public domain books at one place. The free app now available at iTunes store enables readers to search, download and read books. While most of the public domain books in the App compatible format are free, only those requiring additional formatting are priced. The philosophy behind the pricing is the compulsion to recover conversion and site maintenance costs. We have however taken care to ensure that these are kept to the barest minimum.

The eReader app when downloaded would provide access to the GBooks catalog, with several hundred free and paid books. The catalog is constantly updated with several popular new additions. The app comes with several unique features that make accessing, storing and reading of books more interesting. These include:

Browsing the GBooks Catalog
New Additions
Best Books
Download Samples
Download complete Book and save it to my library
Receive notification of new releases
Bookmark your Books
Print Books
Connect with Social Media
Email options

The eReader application for iPad has indeed revolutionized reading of public domain books. Reading these books would never be the same again with GBooks. So download the free app today and start reading them in a way, it never was before.

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