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Let the magic of eBooks begin

authoreBooks2go  on  Wednesday |clock-iconNovember,16, 2011| 1:17 PM

Step into the future of digital publishing with enhanced  eBooks. The enhanced ebooks have enhanced features in it that has indeed revolutionized reading. The concept of reading has been totally redefined with enhanced eBooks. In fact, technically it is inappropriate to say you are reading an enhanced eBook, for you could even listen, watch and post too with this eBook.  Ebooks of enhanced caliber are the books of the future, although it is still to take off in a big way.

Enhanced eBooks offer more than a mere reading experience by enabling its users to watch, listen, share, post, make notes, refer and even save additional information in it. The possibilities of the enhanced eBooks are in line with the emerging needs and expectations of the diversifying readers. Today’s readers would increasingly like to refer to a dictionary for a relevant term, or would like to read, watch or listen to associated references and examples.

When these features are inbuilt within the book, it only makes it easier for the reader to access his or her requirements and thus benefit. Embedded videos help in better understanding of what could be described in words. The interactive features help readers to communicate with others too. There are also possibilities for making notes at the relevant sections, or even inserting other references.

Until recently, enhanced ebooks were only compatible with iPads, but with the recent entry of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, millions of users are expected to take to enhanced ebooks through these players, bringing the scale of potential users to a new level. The competition among the major players would in turn drive the costs of the devices and content pricing.

With a revolution at hand, enhanced ebooks with customization and additional optional features, is a part of the regular service portfolio at eBooks2go.

About eBooks2go

eBooks2go, Inc is an end-to-end provider of services to the international publishing industry. With the revolutionary change in the publishing industry from a print led to an electronic media led industry in a very short space of time, it became obvious to us at Gantec Publishing Solutions that in order to continue providing the services the publishing industry needed, we had to re-think our business strategy. Thus eBooks2go was formed.

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