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eBooks2go Announces Upgraded version of eBook Reader for Android

At eBooks2go, we're constantly striving to enhance our user interfaces with new features built into our Apps. Our Android App is now fresh off the R&D shop and good to go. These are some of the new features we've added: The eBooks2go App will work in offline mode once users download their eBooks. There's a new page Navigation Slider that has been implemented. Book cover images are now available in 3D format in the Library. The App will work on both 7 inch and 10 inch Tablet … [Read more...]

eBooks2go releases its eReader App

eBooks2go has just released its eReader App and has also made it available at the iTunes store. The free eReader is designed to be compatible with eBooks2go.com, the eBook retail store, from where readers can browse and shop hundreds of eBooks. Book readers now have access to innumerable reading benefits by downloading and utilizing the free App. The eReader App developed by eBooks2go is designed to support both ePUB and ePDF formats. The App also enables syncing of books from a user's … [Read more...]

Get to know your eBook reader

Together with the advent of electronic books or the eBooks, eBook readers too developed. These eBook readers enable reading eBooks on them. eBooks are of two kinds. One is the type that can be read on the computer, generally in a format compatible with the standard operating software. Occasionally these may require additional plug-ins or special software. The other kind of eBooks is that meant for mobile devices or eBook readers. eBooks compatible to these readers are available on online … [Read more...]


eBook Conversion

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