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Writer’s Block: How to Manage It if you Can’t Conquer It

authoreBooks2go  on  Friday |clock-iconMarch,4, 2016| 9:53 PM

Writer’s Block – When, not If

Whether you are a new blogger or an established author, odds are high that you will face writer’s block at some stage in your process. When this happens, don’t beat yourself up. You are in excellent company. Acclaimed authors, such as Dan Brown and Maya Angelou, have suffered from the occasional block. Here are some ways to cope:

Nibble on Some Brain Food

Quinoa, trail mix, pistachios, almonds, raisins, blueberries, sunflower seeds, kale – whatever is your version of brain food to get your creative juices flowing again. Avoid excessive sugar, trans-fat or processed foods that will leave you lethargic. Some popular energy drinks contain 20 teaspoons of sugar, so your rush of temporary energy will lead to a predictable crash shortly thereafter.

Get Out of Your Own Way

  • If you do most of your writing on your laptop or tablet; change it up. Grab a spiral notebook or journal, and write the old-fashioned way – pen to paper.
  • Write an actual letter (and “snail mail” it) to someone you haven’t connected with in several months.
  • Make a gratitude journal.
  • Meet friends for lunch – Since writing is such a solitary vocation, interaction with others can rid your brain of cobwebs.
  • Think about your most treasured book. Write down your thoughts about what makes it special to you. It could spark inspiration.
  • Fast for a day. According to a recent article in Us Weekly Magazine, musician and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin fasts one day per week, and he insists it helps his creativity.
  • Go on a travel site, book a vacation, and exit when it gets to the page to enter your credit card. This is actually quite enjoyable, and it works on any online retail site.
  • Take a walk – clear your head. If you are in the midst of a frigid winter, walk indoors at a local mall, or use your treadmill or stationary bike (after you remove the clothes that are currently hanging on it).
  • Listen to your favorite playlist – crank up the volume and sing along.
  • Go through your clothes, and make a charity donation bag. As you are filling the bag, think about where and when you wore the clothes you are giving away, and perhaps that will bring ideas for your characters.
  • Go to church/temple/other worship location.
  • Go to any assisted living facility in your neighborhood, and volunteer to play word games with the residents for a couple of hours. Trust me, you will not only have inspiration, but you will feel pretty good about yourself.
  • Look up Feed My Starving Children, and volunteer to pack meals for malnourished children around the world. You will be helping others – and it’s a lot of fun.If you are the competitive type, it can be a race of sorts.
  • Pay bills. (If you are a struggling writer, this activity could lead to depression, so only take on this suggestion if you have another source of income.)

Denial, it’s not just a river in Egypt

Play hooky for a day – go to a batting cage, play scrabble with a friend, or play Candy Crush on your phone or tablet. Binge-watch “Jane The Virgin”. Work on that vintage Mustang you have been restoring. Take a nap. Many writers and other professionals insist that taking a 20-minute nap is critical. Franz Kafka and Toni Morrison napped to improve creativity. Take a bubble bath. You might be surprised to know that soaking in a bubble bath surrounded by candles is no longer considered a strictly feminine or metro sexual pastime. Write down the first five items you will purchase if you won the Lotto (provided your state has sufficient funds-mine doesn’t). Choose a person (living or dead) and ponder what you would say to them if you were stuck in an elevator with them. My personal choice would be Ryan Gosling, and I wouldn’t say anything – remember, he is trapped with me in an elevator!


Treat Yo’ Self!”

If you have ever watched the actor/comedian Aziz Ansari as Tom Haverford in the television series “Parks and Recreation”, he and fellow actor Retta (as Donna Meagle) have three words for life’s frustrations – “Treat Yo’ Self”! (If you haven’t watched it, check it out on YouTube if you need a laugh – which you do, if you have writer’s block! )It doesn’t have to be an extravagant spa day, getting your elbows bedazzled, or a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive. Perhaps eating a few decadent cookies, drinking a mimosa on a random Tuesday morning, or downing an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey is enough self-indulgence for you. The key is to take time to unwind, treat yourself, and re-energize.

Lose all Distractions

Consider the possibility that you don’t have writer’s block. You’re just suffering from chronic distractions: your significant other is sexting you, the women on The View are arguing about Donald Trump’s presidential chances, your best friend is getting married in six months, and she has called five times in the past two hours to remind you of your promise to work out with her. Perhaps you recently viewed “Rear Window” for the tenth time, and your neighbor across the way is acting very suspicious. Keep track of their every move for the eventual police report. Turn off all electronics. Don’t panic, your friends and loved ones won’t file a missing person’s report (right away) if they haven’t heard from you.

The Silver Lining

The upside of writer’s block is that it is temporary! (Well, usually.) When you’re past the writer’s block blues, and the words are once again flowing like a river, then it is time to share your work. eBooks2go has several affordable e-publishing and marketing packages for your manuscript. Visit eBooks2go.net today!

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