BookCon will be in Chicago in 2016, and eBooks2go is planning on going. You may ask yourself, what is BookCon and why should I care? Good thing you’re here because we’ll give you an overview on what the event is all about.

What is BookCon?

After BookCon 2015, the organizers announced that BookCon 2016 will have a change of scenery from New York to Chicago in McCormick Place on May 14, 2016. BookCon is a convention for book lovers as fans will be able to interact with authors, publishers, celebrities and content creators that shape everything we read. BookCon has many events such as Q+A’s with successful authors, autograph sessions, storytelling podcasts, special screenings, literary quiz shows and much more. BookCon will be the epicenter for the ultimate book lover where you can see your favorite stories come to life.

BookCon: Chicago 2016

Why you Should Care?

If you’re simply a book lover, BookCon is the largest congregation of book enthusiast in the United States. In addition, you will get the chance to meet your favorite authors as long as they are participating in the event. BookCon will also have many games going on where you can test your prowess as a Book Worm.

Aspiring Author? BookCon has something for you as well. At BookCon, there will be multiple panels and presentations from many successful authors. You will be able to find out important insights from the greats, and pick up a tip or two to get the ball rolling on your career as an author. If you’re already published author, these panels are a good place for you to find out what other authors are doing to help you further your success; not to mention you might pick up a few fans along the way.

We know that BookCon is still a year away, but we wanted to let you know what it was so that you can plan ahead of time if you want to go to the event. eBooks2go is planning on going, so stop by and say hello.