Book Distribution

Book distribution continues to be a common obstacle for self-published authors. But it doesn’t have to be. With online shopping taking over the retail world, indie authors have many new distribution options.

Today, more books are purchased online than in stores. Since indie authors have ample access to online distribution, new sales opportunities are now readily available. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo™, and several other notable online retailers are now within your reach! Here’s how it works …


eBook Distribution

First, convert your work into the digital formats of your choice. Amazon uses the Mobi format, and most other retailers use the ePUB format. Your book’s format(s) will vary depending on which retailers you’d like to distribute through.


Distribution Service

Once your book is in the proper file format, you can start distributing through online retailers. With a distribution service, partnerships are already in place with retailers, making your job quite simple. You gain access to any and all of their retail partners saving you time and hassle. The only downside is that the third-party book distributor will receive a small cut of your book sales.


Direct Distribution

To eliminate this expense, you can distribute directly with the retailer, eliminating the third party altogether. For example, with Amazon KDP, you upload your book onto Amazon on your own. This way, you receive higher royalties on your book sales. Keep in mind, you may not be able to directly distribute through all retailers and libraries. A third-party book distributor is often necessary to expand your distribution.


Print Distribution

When self-publishing began to emerge, the only print option was mass printing. This made selling print books near impossible for indie authors because of the risks involved with printing hundreds of books. Then Print-on-Demand came along.



With Print-on-Demand, a single book can be printed rather than a set quantity, completely eliminating large print runs and high upfront costs. POD, as it’s often referred to, makes it possible for indie authors to affordably distribute print books through online retailers.

Two POD service providers that make this possible are Createspace and Ingram Lightning Source. Through their print services, a single book order can be placed, printed, and then shipped to the reader.



When you partner with us, you you’re partnering with some of the largest and most prominent online book retailers worldwide. Not only will you have distribution access to retailers like Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo™, and OverDrive, but also our very own eBooks2go bookstore. On top of that, all your sales data and metadata from the different retailers is organized into one location to make it easy for you to analyze and manage.

With help from our printing partners, we also offer various printing solutions that give you convenient access to print distribution.

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