eBooks2go has converted the book Following the Footsteps of Jesus to an ebook. The book is a guide for reading Sunday Gospels and meditating Homilies every week for the Liturgical Cycle B.

The book by Jose Antonio Pagola, author of the Bestseller JESUS: An Historical Approximation , establishes a close familiarity with the words of the Gospels and brings us into consonance with Jesus. These words inspire in us, Jesus love for the world, builds up enthusiasm for his project of the Kingdom of God, and infuse his Spirit in us.

The personal meditation on the words of Jesus actually transforms us much more than all the explanations, sermons, and exhortations which reach us from the outside, because people begin to change from within.

Suggesting that it’s one of the most serious problems of the religion, the biblical scholar and Vicar General emphasizes that frequently its not the vital sap of Jesus that pass through our hearts. When believers, Christian couples, priests, religious, bishops and educators would make the Gospels their bedside book, the life of the church would indeed be transformed.

Jose Antonio Pagola was born in Spain in 1937, dedicated his life to Biblical studies and Christology. He has done his theological studies at the Papal Gregorian University in Rome, Sacred Scripture at the Papal Biblical Institute in Rome and Biblical sciences at the cole Biblique in Jerusalem. . He has done research on the historical Jesus for more than 30 years.

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