We at eBooks2go always look for ways to help our authors succeed. Our development team has recently crafted a system that will allow our users to track all of their sales, from all distributors, on one platform. Our Royalty Statement Generator (RSG) allows you to track your monthly and annual sales in an easy to use system to give you all of the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions for your books.

eBooks2go’s RSG is especially helpful for authors that have published multiple books because these sales reports can be found in one place. Within the system, authors will be able to compare units sold, profits, and trends across all published books. Our RSG even lets you know which online retailers your books are actually selling on. You can also export the sales data so that you can compare it with your own metrics to have a better understanding of your entire sales goals. Lastly, the system will allow you to directly deposit you profits into your account as long as your banking information is updated.  

eBooks2go Royalty Statement Generator

Why is RSG Helpful?

When you put in efforts to boost your sales for your book, it’s hard to see how impactful your initiatives are if you don’t have a comparative measure for book sales. For example, if you ran a radio spot in April, you’ll be able to assess the returns from the amount of effort you put in. Through the RSG, you can compare your sales from March and April to see if there was an increase in. If you see that April did not yield any major returns, you can then determine that Radio Stations may not have the right audience you’re looking for. There are many different applications for our Royalty Statement Generator, and we pride ourselves with making sure you have all the information necessary for your success. We hope you use our system so that you can make better decisions for your book in the future.

Don’t Know How to Use our RSG? No Problem

It’s really simple to get into our Royalty Statement Generator. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be able to track you book sales in no time.  

I. Log In to your eBooks2go account on www.eBooks2go.net

II. Log in with the email you use for your eBooks2go account and your temporary Password will be 123456

III. Update your password, personal information & mailing address once you sign in, and we hope you enjoy our new service.

IV. If you have not already done so, please update your banking information to get paid for your sales.