The technological advancements of the day are truly redefining the way people experience life and get entertained. With regard to entertainment, the rapid development of the video game technology is a testament to the fact that people love to play games, and that the games industry is growing by leap and bounds.

Thanks to the broadband and Internet penetration across the globe, online gaming and mobile gaming has reached extraordinary levels and is well poised to get further. Given the increasing affordability, video gaming is particularly becoming more popular in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, China and India). Although console gaming is dominant now, its growth is expected to decline between 2008 and 2013.

The global gaming revenues for 2008 is estimated at $35 billion and expected to climb to $53 billion by 2012. With regard to the US games market, the scenario is understood from the fact that in 2009, sales of video game related hardware, software and peripherals accounted for $20.2 billion.

Games that are played on devices like mobile phones, smartphone, PDA, tablet computer are mobile games which however don’t include those played using play stations. These mobile games rely more on their game play than on flashy graphics, given the limited processing power of the client devices.

Mobile games are developed and predominantly sold through network carriers or operator portals, and therefore only few lines of text and a couple of screen shots can be provided to excite the customer. However there are certain strategies adopted by expert developers and publishers to overcome this handicap of providing the purchase information.

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