For over a century, students gained all their knowledge only from their text books. The traditional textbook had always remained the same, although the way people learned them has changed.

Textbooks had always been a costly affair for students. As students are required to bring text books to the class, the textbook market had an advantage over the other markets. This had obviously induced several publishers to enter this segment and cash in on it.

On the part of the schools, they are forced to use textbooks for several years to make it feasible. But however information is constantly changing and books are quickly rendered redundant. Paper textbooks are also heavy, and the weight of the backpack becomes an increasing problem for kids.

Relieving the strain on students to some extent is the advent of the eBooks. The business model with the concept of eBooks evolved basically from the recognition that the old business model doesn’t go well with the buyers any longer. The organized book sharing deals with students had forced publishers to raise the book prices.

According to Vikram Savkar of Pearson Publishing, a textbook is priced for three students. The cost of the book is fixed on the assumption that it would be consecutively resold for the subsequent two years, and therefore the income from three years of sale need to be recovered from a single year. Publishers assumed that they would make money on a book only once in three years.

Given the fact that today’s students have grown up with technology, they only require textbooks appropriately. Without material and printing costs, the eTextbooks are priced much lower. As updates or changes do not require rewriting of the entire book and as the time to market is also less, these are translated to cost benefits fort the students. With eTextbooks priced at about 60% of the physical book cost, there are also options to rent or purchase, depending on one’s needs. An era of low cost textbooks has dawned upon the students, much to their relief.

Thus there is finally relief for the students. The eTextbooks are the downloadable digital versions of the physical book, which can be read on a PC or Mac. Barnes & Noble has come out with its free Nook study application. Amazon has several textbook reader applications compatible to its publishers.

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