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The task of writing a book is daunting enough. However, you may not feel you have a firm grasp on cover design or other aspects of the self-publishing process. Even if you do, the industry changes and new trends always emerge for you to learn and act on. As a result, you must turn to outside influences for guidance.

To place you on the right track, here are five of the most essential and insightful blogs you need to follow.


Kindlepreneur is the brainchild of its very accessible author, inventor, and book marketing consultant Dave Chesson. It is a free online resource that teaches independent book authors how to self-publish and market their work.

Chesson’s site also includes a free course on Amazon ads and a book description generator, which helps create a clean, powerful summary for your book.

K.M. Weiland

K.M. Weiland is an award-winning historical fiction and nonfiction author based in Nebraska and owner of the instructional website, HelpingWritersBecomeAuthors, which houses her blog and podcasts to instruct others on writing novels.

Weiland’s hundreds of blog posts are organized into five sections on the site: characters, writing life, writing inspiration, structuring your novel, and editing your novel. Authors can also sign up to join her mailing list.

Bonuses include downloads on any of the aforementioned subjects in the format of the member’s choosing, e-books on similar topics, and a free Scrivener template.

The author of the fictional works Wayfarer, Storming, Dreamlander, and Behold the Dawn, Weiland has also published her acclaimed, bestsellling writer-oriented guides Outlining Your Novel, Structuring Your Novel, Creating Character Arcs and Jane Eyre: The Writer’s Digest Annotated Classic, which can be accessed on her instructional site.

Additionally, Weiland can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.


Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, BookBub is a free platform service for millions of readers to find their favorite books and it uses proven methods to assist publishers and authors in boosting sales of their written works and connecting with new followers. Additionally, BookBub provides valuable book marketing tips and examples of effective campaigns with their blog. Some of the topics include book promotion ideas for Instagram and TikTok, the best day of the week to run a discount, and how to promote sequels.

Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman is a publishing expert with 20 years of experience in the industry. Friedman’s eponymous blog provides authors with guidance and advice about business strategy in publishing and marketing their books.

Her website instruction takes the form of her famous blog, online classes, recorded speaking engagements at publishing events and advertising services. Free resources on her site include a newsletter titled Electric Speed, business insights, and archival material on writing advice.

A successful creative nonfiction author herself, Friedman edits The Hot Sheet, the premier industry newsletter for authors on her site, and has published The Business of Being a Writer, a book well-received as being a reference for writers interested in publishing, and the Authors Guild Guide to Self-Publishing.

She regularly holds workshops and presentations on book authors in a digital age at global conferences such as those held by the Writer’s Digest and sat on panel discussions on similar issues for such as entities as the National Endowment for the Arts and Publishers Weekly.

Friedman is also professor of writing, media and publishing at the University of Cincinnati, the University of Virginia, and the Great Courses.


Reedsy is a London-based author services company that matches writers with the most ideal freelance writers, editors, designers and marketers. The company also helps authors hone their writing craft through instructional blogs and free courses. Blog topics include symbolism, how to create a character profile, and the most interesting character flaws to use in a story.

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