eBooks2go has expanded its eBook conversion service capabilities for Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The release of Amazon’s KF8 has brought with it incredible formatting and design features and challenges for Books with Fixed format layout needs.

eBooks2go now offers publishers and authors who require fixed format layout for their eBooks whole range of new formatting and design options. These include among others, nested tables, sidebars, scalable vector graphics, fixed layouts, callouts etc. As Kindle Fire supports HTML5, Java Script and CSS3, we can help publishers build enhanced eBooks with rich feature list.

The new features are particularly more suitable for picture books and comics for children, graphic novels, do it yourself manuals, cookbooks, technical and engineering books. The conversion personnel at eBooks2go are well acquainted with Kindle Gen, and are already delivering the ‘books of the future.

Authors and publishers are welcome to try the enhanced conversion services at eBooks2go by calling Margaret 847 598 1150 x 4150 or David Aubrey at 847 598 11450 x 4137.