eBooks2go has just released its eReader App and has also made it available at the iTunes store. The free eReader is designed to be compatible with eBooks2go.com, the eBook retail store, from where readers can browse and shop hundreds of eBooks. Book readers now have access to innumerable reading benefits by downloading and utilizing the free App.

The eReader App developed by eBooks2go is designed to support both ePUB and ePDF formats. The App also enables syncing of books from a user’s library with other reader devices. The built-in reader helps to read the books downloaded from the eBooks2go store, on other devices.

The free eReader App can now be downloaded using the eBooks2go store account. By creating their own account at ebooks2go.com store, users get to make very secure and private transactions. Accounts can be created at the time of check out or before browsing the books. Opening an eBooks2go store account is easy and simple, and only a few clicks away.

eBooks2go Reader for iPad eBooks2go Reader for Android

The Table of Content or the TOC is displayed for each book which shows the chapter titles for the corresponding book. By clicking on the required chapter link, the user is directed to that particular chapter. Among the other notable features of the App is that it enables reading with various font sizes, facilitating increase or decrease of the font sizes according to the needs of the reader.

The App also incorporates the text search feature that enables searching of any particular word or term throughout the book. There is also an optional linking to Wikipedia for better understanding of the word or term. A built in offline dictionary makes the need of all other dictionaries, redundant.

Highlighting and note making are other valuable tools enabled by the App. Users can highlight any words or sections within the book as and when they come across. They can also make notes wherever relevant, as required. These notes can also be mailed to anyone or removed when not required anymore. Then there is the page control facility that can be affected by a slider which can slide back and forth, so as to view corresponding pages.

However the best of the App has not been said yet. Book readers can now share their reading experience with other eBooks2go users by only adding eBooks2go to their Facebook Timeline and Twitter. The eBooks2go App has been developed keeping in mind the best interests and requirements of the book user. The App intends to truly take the reader to a new level of reading, promising a unique reading experience of versatility and convenience.