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With your new work out on the market, you are ready to approach bloggers and enthusiasts for book reviews. After all, you’ve updated your author website, regularly sent your email and social media alerts to your readership and fan base, and received and acted on even more marketing advice. So what’s missing?

Surely, you’ve been told about the importance of a book review in marketing and selling your newly-published work. Then you are aware of the impact that book reviews have on sales and the “social proof” they give the public of the quality and value of your work. You likely also know that reviews raise the search rankings of your book on Google and stores like Amazon. The high rankings make your work easier for buyers to find. Thus, the more reviews, the better.

At the very least, the publishing industry suggests that you get 20 reviews in the first two months of your book’s release. Ultimately, you must garner at least 50 book reviews to establish a sound reputation as an author.

This is why you must learn how to be effective and ethical in asking readers, bloggers, editors, and librarians for book reviews.

Use Your Book to Ask for Reviews

At the end of your work, you can write a brief, straightforward request for book reviews.

When you court potential reviewers — and hopefully more readers and fans — you’ll want to reach out to those who will provide a genuine account of how they feel about your work. As a result, instead of asking your readers and fans for a “good review,” be sure to specifically request their “honest opinion.”

Naturally, you will want positive book reviews but you have to allow for readers to enjoy your work but not necessarily consider it the best they’ve ever seen. You’ll even have to psyche yourself up for bad book reviews. As a result, never pointedly ask readers for book reviews so that you can sell more copies. This makes you appear desperate.

When asking, be sure to address the effect your book had on them and potentially on other readers. For instance, you could write at the end of your book: “Did my book help you? If so, tell us about it. Honest reviews help readers find the books they need.”

How to Request a Book Review from a Blogger or Critic

As part of your overall marketing efforts, you will want to reach out to book bloggers, influential account holders with Amazon, bookstagrammers, as well as critics from outlets such as Kirkus Reviews, and Publisher’s Weekly’s BookLife for book reviews.

When looking for book bloggers as potential reviewers, you must first read over their review policy. If their reading preferences match the genre or subgenre of your book, you may address them about reading and reviewing your work. In other words, avoid sending out spam and instead reach out to prospective reviewers with purpose.

Before reaching out, check out some of their past book reviews. What books did he or she love? What books did the blogger hate? You want to avoid sending a book to a reviewer who couldn’t get into stories similar to your work.

To request a book review from a blogger or professional reviewer, bear in mind a few key points below to write and highlight in your letter. First, address your letter directly to him or her.

Second, briefly introduce yourself and explain why you believe your book would be a good match for their interests. Show that you did your research, and mention a past book review on their blog.

Third, write a short three- to five-sentence synopsis of your book. Indicate to the blogger or reviewer that you would be pleased to send him or her a copy for review.

Then you can end your letter by thanking the blogger or reviewer for his or her time. Do include an indirect call to action that states that you look forward to sending a copy of your book along for his or her review.

Where to Find Book Bloggers

There are now several places to find book bloggers. The best directories are the Book Review Yellow Pages and BookSirens.

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