Making sure the manuscript is compatible to the submission requirements is a daunting task, for some writers. The way the manuscript is submitted for publication is equally as important as the content to be published. Most publishers have their own set of rules for submission of manuscript and it is easy for writers to subconsciously breach one or more of them; thus diminishing their chances of being accepted.

Although publishers may have their own manuscript submission guidelines, certain common features are emphasized among most of them. One of the important aspects of your manuscript is identification. You need to be easily identifiable with the manuscript submitted. Your name, address and contact numbers need to be mentioned in the cover page. A running header, consisting of your last name and the proposed title, could also run across all the pages of your book.

This is to make sure that you are still identified even if the title page gets separated from the rest of the manuscript. Numbering the pages is also important as it helps the manuscript reader to access the length of the manuscript or even comment on certain portions of your manuscript. The page numbers could be provided at the bottom center or right. Alternatively it can also be combined with the page headers.

As for the manuscript, ensure that it is double spaced so as to make it easy for it to be edited. Take care to ensure that there are no spell mistakes by using the spelling processor. Spelling mistakes would send a message of carelessness.

With regard to margins, try and stick to rugged right rather than justified margins. It is difficult to read with justified margins. Book publishers use advanced tools and procedures for justification, which isn’t possible by word processers. Also try to indent the first line of every paragraph at about 5 spaces. This way manuscript reader can identify a new paragraph.

Avoid stapling or binding of the manuscript for it makes it difficult for the editors or agents to make copies of it. So it would help if you could only use a clip or something that facilitates making copies.

Keep a copy of your manuscript. Copyright of your manuscript is secured with a notice like Copyright © 2001followed by your name and All rights reserved