You’ve written your book. You’ve published it through eBooks2go (naturally), so what’s next? It’s time to market your manuscript, so enjoy the first of our three-part series: Marketing for the Novice Author.

Before you can begin the process of marketing your book, utilize Grammarly to correct any spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. After you’ve done that, share your book with friends and family. Request feedback, and be willing to make changes based upon their constructive criticism. More on that later.

Social Media

With the advent of social media, marketing your ebook could not be easier. There is no longer a reason to spend money on a marketing team – you can promote your book at no cost through social media, or you can initiate a kickstarter campaign to obtain funds. First, you need to decide who your target audience will be, and how you are going to interact with your fans.

Establishing an online presence is vital to your success. One way of accomplishing this is through social media. You can create a Facebook page for the book and invite your friends, or spark interest with quick video teasers on Instagram and Snapchat. Additionally, we encourage you to look into:

● Goodreads, Bookstr, Now Novel, Bookbub, Litsy and Bookish
● Developing an Author Website
● Placing a Facebook ad; An easy and inexpensive way to market your work
● Joining Linkedin Pulse and writing communities on Google Plus


We hope you enjoy research! Another wise move for first-time authors is to gather feedback from your book’s target audience. You will also want to identify the reviewers and bloggers with the most influence over your target audience. Acquiring a glowing review from an influencer will go a long way. Some of the tactics you can use to achieve all of this are:
● Sending advanced, complimentary review copies to bloggers, reviewers, and fellow authors
● Offering your novel for free (for a limited time) in order to obtain reviews
● Check out Kirkus reviews to obtain a free marketing guide
● Hire Beta readers
● Organize a book focus group (10-20 readers maximum) with a reward, such as a gift card, to thank them for their time. Don’t forget to write questions for the group.


Keywords are crucial to targeting your desired audience. Make it easier for your readers to find your manuscript by identifying buzzwords for store search engines. Use Google’s Keyword Planner to see what the most common search terms were in the past year that pertain to your book.

Let the Professionals Take Over

If you prefer to let the experts handle your marketing needs, eBooks2go provides professional marketing on an a la carte basis. Visit our marketing page to see how we can help readers discover your true talent.