So, you finally took that step forward and completed your manuscript. Days and nights of sitting in solitary resoluteness, being cut off from the whirlwind of the outside world, and hammering away at the keyboard until the words started to grow and tumble off those piling Word Doc pages, have finally led you to be in possession of a fresh, new, inventive novel, novella, collection of letters or anecdotes or essays, childrens lit, cookery, self-help, or what-have-you manuscript. You must be feeling on top of the world! But hold on to your tethers, and sit down a while.

Because, unfortunately, it’s only half the battle won. With the millions of pages, blogs, networks, forums, pictures, updates, tweets, and mounting friend lists on the internet, it is hard to pin any one down and say – this is it – THIS is your perfect launch pad or promotional platform for your eBook to sell off the shelves and do well.

Which is why, instead, we’ve chosen 3 points that can be applied to any online platform, and tapped into for a synergized, more rewarding outcome:

1) Update, tweet, pin:

Make it a point to engage your audience everyday – but don’t overdo it. Sync all your major online networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, that you can ease your way through the updates – one click and the words are sent out to several sites at once.

2) Talk, network, listen:

Find ways to promote your book offline – attend book reading club meetings in your local libraries, go to book fairs, other authors book signings, and talk to people, hand out cards, build a solid network, and most of all – talk about yourself, but also listen when they talk about themselves!

3) Write, respond, comment:

Update your blog with information not just about yourself or your book, but post reviews of other books you’ve recently read, invite guest bloggers or request guest blogging opportunities on other blogs, and also stir some curiosity about your book by offering a slice of it, a giveaway, or a pictorial version of your words. Also, be sure to ask questions, or answer questions posed to you by your readers, and most of all, go visit other blogs and leave comments on their posts. It’s not always just about you, and if you want traffic, you have to be the traffic too.

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