With the New Year, the publishing world is ushering in a lot of challenges and exciting opportunities, albeit in unsymmetrical measures. Of course the overall picture would give us a fair idea of what’s more and what’s less, but the counterpoise is altered to great lengths with new trends and new statistics that seem to manifest with accustomed celerity. That’s not to say the publishing world itself is a unified entity – and the divisive factors are not just limited to the fact that digitization of books is overpowering the printed versions. It’s a race within a race, like in any other field, and the good word is always the final word – it sells.

Here’s a quick look at the year that was, for us here at eBooks2go, and what we envision for 2013:

2012 saw a lot of upsurge in inquiries for eBooks with us, even though it’s a little known fact that we do offer Print On Demand services. We added new independent authors to our ring, and also experimented with fiction a lot more, considering the fact that it is deemed as the least successful genre for indies who go the self-publishing route.

We also took on assignments in the fields of self-help, spiritual healing, children’s lit, management, and cookery. We also started working with new publishers across the US for their digital conversion requirements, and expanded our sales team.

Having participated in the Writer’s Digest Conference in Los Angeles earlier this year, we came back feeling a lot more confident that the digital side in publishing is burgeoning and paving the way for quality writing. The bubble of myth that authors who get rejection slips from traditional publishing invariably look at self-publishing options was suitably deflated, and with reason.

In essence, our word on why digital books are thriving is this: they are far more humanized than their print counterparts, in the sense that they work to feed human sensibilities, where single words or phrases can be highlighted, studied outside the parameters of the page at the snap of a finger tip, and this gives the readers a sense of world within words where the entire internet can be seen as encapsulated within a single word-shell. Everything can be touched, clicked, researched, which means reading between the lines comes to bear a deeper connotation.

Of course there’s no beating the old world charm of paper books, but there are times when one could live without silver fish worming their way through dusty tomes that haven’t been touched for years, mounted on dustier wooden shelves. And then there are the fanatics of the alluring smell of ink on paper, but reading an eBook that can be paused, bookmarked,listened to, watched like a movie, flipped and even thumbed through does have its charms.

While the debate can go on, we at eBooks2go are excited about signing on fresh talent and new publishers to make eBooks for, and perhaps like some of our current titles, they’ll sell right off the racks, or more appositely, electronic stacks.

Here are just some of them:

The First Dog by David Brogdon

A Ballad For Allison Porter by Gary Solomon

Learn To Intern CEO Style by Dr. Antoine Moss

The Scoop On Breasts by Dr. Ted Eisenberg & Joyce Eisenberg

Understanding Death by Uma Girish

Mango Masala: 60 Indian Recipes From Your Local Supermarket by Ranjini Rao & Ruchira Ramanujam

For a more comprehensive listing of all our titles, please visit www.ebooks2go.com.