Self publishing is an easy yet powerful way for any writer to get his or her book published. The concept of self publishing has caught up well with the self publisher having better control of every aspect of the book. The author brings in all that is required to create and finance the book.

As a self publisher, the writer runs a small business which need to be named appropriately; something ending with the words Publishing , Press or Books indicating that its something got to do with publishing. Never align the company name with the theme of your first book, because it is likely that you may be working on different books.

Among the other important things you need to consider is the logo for your business and a license to operate. Check up with the regional tax and commercial agencies on what needs to be done to get started.

One of the first steps in self-publishing is considering what you would want to publish. Although you can publish anything, you need to remember that your book should not just be a piece of art, but also a sellable product. Focus on audience interest and subject so as to get their attention. However above all, decide what type of book it is going to be, a physical book or an ebook.

The advantages of the ebook are that it costs significantly less and can be distributed efficiently compared to physical books. Also the current sales trend indicates an increase in sales of ebooks coupled with a fall in sales of physical books. The profits you retain in eBooks are significantly higher too.

When deciding to publish it as a ebook, you need to remember that the readers would not be reading it on paper but on screen, and therefore try and not make them strain. There are different e-book formats from which you can chose one depending on the type and subject of your book. The standard format is more suitable for novels, while enhanced ebooks are more suitable for demonstrative type of books where videos can be embedded, and readers can collaborate too., from inside the books.

Good reader experience can be achieved by using a reader friendly font like Arial or Verdana etc. Black text with white background is ideal, but ensure that there isn’t too much of black space everywhere, by using plenty of white space.

Spicing of the ebook’s appearance can be achieved in many ways like adding a colorful border and images, using appropriate header styles and subject dividers. Check out the offerings for self publishing and marketing of your book.