The technology driven revolution in publishing industry seem to be transforming the landscape of publishing at all angles. After eBooks, enhanced eBooks and eBook apps, its now time for author apps. With digital publishing and self publishing, helping authors get their books to readers at lower costs; they now have help in managing their social media as well.

The author apps are directed at noted authors and publishers, who have recognition and a following. Authors can customize their apps; incorporate their own sample ePUB files and graphics and even sell it directly to the readers. The free apps available on iTunes allow fans to preview the books, determine more about the author and their appearances, and also listen to clippings from audio books.

Author apps thus help authors to form a platform to sell and promote their books, publicize their appearances and create a band for them, in a simple and inexpensive way.

The apps provide an ecosystem for authors, which however are only taking off.  But traditional publishers are already exploring newer business models, which would shape the course of the publishing industry.

These author apps in many ways are not limited to the publishing industry or to book authors. These are basically apps centered on social network, helping anyone to mobilize and organize. Thus activists, performers, entertainers and influencers who rely on promotion and social media have reason to use them.

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