Here are two other tips to jazz up your emails and generate more buzz for your book/s:

Use your title as a hook:

The title is your best shot at getting people’s curiosity piqued so they feel drawn to your voice, to what you have to say. You don’t have to be an advertising guru to come up with something witty, catchy, or funny to grab readers eyes. Remember, your title is reflective not just of what’s inside the email, but also of you as a writer, and how you’re able to hold your own with a limited supply of words. Think Twitter, think quick updates, think SMS. Make sure your title is informative, intriguing, and intense all at once.Because if your readers don’t feel tempted to click on your email, your book/s stand no chance of as much as being glanced at.

Inspire, encourage, lead.

This might sound stale, but people do want to be inspired, encouraged and led. Armed with a short, crisp and interesting title you just need to throw in the first few sentences of your main piece of writing, tailed off nicely with read more link to egg more and more people to read what you have to say, and perhaps even share it with their circles. Your post has to be personal, effective, and crystal clear in tone and form. Talk about your personal experience with writing the book, interview other well known authors who write in the same field or genre, think outside the box and see how you can tie your work to a charity or deserving organization in terms of time or monetary donations – the possibilities are endless. These are all time tested recipes for success!