The phenomenal rise of the Facebook reflects the relevance of social media today. Social media has today become crucial for people and businesses to connect with the rest of the world. Today, with Google competing Facebook with regard to traffic, the era of social media is evident. Today people and organizations require social media strategies to promote their interests.


Publishers are beginning to increasingly tap into the social media tools to advance their interests and bring value to their organization. They are increasingly realizing that effective use of social media through their editorial and publishing expertise would help in adding value.

Social media not only helps publishers to identify people with similar interests, but also communicate directly with these contacts. Publishers develop a kind of system with contacts and content in their main website, and seek ways to communicate with their target population other than the traditional newsletter mails and built in forums.

The most prominent in the social media namely Facebook , Twitter and Linkedin help publishers in spreading the word of mouth among customer and fan circles, initiate discussions on related topics or post content. Using forums like Q&A, blogs and reviews, the publisher can answer queries, and provide links back to the website.

There is no doubt that social media adds value to the efforts of publishers and authors. In a shrunk and networked world of today, the relevance of social media is increasing by the day. At, the effective use of social media is an integral aspect of promotion strategy.