The book market of today has an increasing presence of  children’s books. Although there are plenty of books available for children, it isn’t too easy to write one. Writing for children require a passion to write, more than a focus on getting published to making money from it, although these are guaranteed later. Writing for children effectively does not necessitate writers; that they should have children.

To get started off, get an idea of the types of books available for children, and determine which genre would be suitable for you. Try and find out the beliefs and the understanding prevailing in the industry with regard to children’s books. Read several notable and good books to understand the themes and writing styles adopted. You may also network with other experienced writers or aspiring writers like yourself, share views and experiences, so that you can find solutions and guidance to your efforts.

Among the various genres available for children today are obviously those with pictures and illustrations which include baby books, toddler books and picture books. The baby books are for infants and young toddlers which have rhymes and lullabies; while the toddler books are for ages 1 , 3 and built on themes like shapes, colors and numbers. The picture books or the picture story books are for 4 , 8 years of age which have a central child character, around whom the theme of the book is based, averaging about 1000 words.

In case you have a favorite idea for a book in mind, ensure that it is in line with today’s standards and trends. As the writing market demands and preferences keep changing constantly, you must ensure that you are not left behind. By keeping a watchful eye on the children’s book market and offerings of publishers, you can keep up with the trend.

One of the important decisions you have to make while writing a book is whether you need an illustrator. Since children’s books generally need pictures or graphics, illustrations are crucial, particularly for the nursery and kindergarten levels. When you are not an artist, then you may prefer to leave it to your publisher who would be able to identify experienced illustrators who would fit the theme of the book.

And just like everything else, you tend to improve as you keep writing. Don’t get worried if you don’t find a publisher early. Remember that most recognized names have once been through rejections.