Why Should You Self-Publish Blog Post


There are many reasons you should consider self-publishing. For one, self-publishing is one of the most popular and rapidly growing factions of the publishing industry. Self-publishing gives you the power to be in control, to oversee the entire process right from the creative and technical aspects of book making to the distribution and selling.

Further, since self-published authors pay the full cost of creating their books, they bear the sole rights for their books and also have the power to strategize their marketing and distribution plans. Which means that they own copyrights, subsidiary rights, and all revenue from book sales.

Breaking it down, here are the big benefits of going solo:

· You are in complete control of the timeframe for your book project from start to finish:

You are the boss! You finalize when you want to wrap up the project, when exactly to publish it, and when to release it to the stores. You make your own deadlines and you work towards them at your own convenience.

· You determine how much money you want to make from sales.

You fix the price for your own book, and decide where you want to sell it! Can anything be better?

· You have all rights over your work from copyright to authority over how and where you promote or sell it.

You own the book, word to word and image to image. No one has dibs on it but you. You can decide how, when and where to sell it, talk about it and take your PR for the book on the road.

· You stand to leave a legacy for your family and friends, to inspire and lead them by example of not only your creativity but business acumen as well.

You can motivate people in your circles to take up full responsibility of their work in any field and own it, take it to the highest levels by sheer determination and focus.

And last but certainly not the least, according a new survey from Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest, a third of traditionally published authors are interested in self-publishing their next book..so it must count for something, and make better sense.