eBooks2go recently developed renowned Speech Coach, Judy Young’s eBook, Simple Accent Reduction, in Enhanced eBook formats with state-of-the art Audio & Video integration technology. The eBook, in both these Enhanced formats, is available exclusively on iTunes.

Judy Young has over 20 years of experience as a Speech Coach, and her program and modules have been designed to help non-native English speakers overcome their apprehensions in adapting to the intricacies of spoken English, and her eBook is designed on the same lines, to help break barriers in speaking English fluently, including lack of confidence, lack of success in business relationships and inability to be clearly understood.

Over the years, Judy has worked with several ESL Students, Public Speakers & Professionals, Actors, Business People & Non-native English speakers in her programs and her book, initially released in paper format, was meant to deliver those same classroom-style exercises and tips on paper.

With the technology-driven enhanced eBook formats, Judy’s book, aptly titled Simple Accent Reduction, aims to help non-native English speakers shed their foreign accents and embrace spoken English without any barriers.

The eBook, in both Audio & Video enhanced formats, is exclusively available on iTunes: