The genre of Mystery, is taking a fascinating and unique prospective in writing, when, incorporated with Gantec publishing proudly presents the new release of Author Ellery D. Poole’s self-proclaimed book “The Mysterious Chronicles of the Unexplained.”

As a first time Author, Mr. Poole specifically plans to showcase his talent for writing Mystery, for those who share a common interest in reading material which is based on actual events. Come and take a journey with him, as you will exam the bizarre, strange and unusual news breaking stories that dominated the national and international headlines.

Numerous readers of Mystery view his material as a must read!

As a literary artist, Mr. Poole is delighted to be given this rare opportunity to share his talent with others, thru emotion, entertainment and the simple enjoyment of reading. But don’t get him wrong, writing doesn’t come easy, it takes a lot of hard work and effort.

Three years ago he made a commitment to publish his first collection of non-fiction mystery stories, in the form of an Anthology, which would be made available to the general public by April of 2014. And with the assistance of the publishing staff at Ebooks2go, he made good on his promise.

In an interview with the publishing company’s executive staff, Mr. Poole was quoted as saying,

“My favorite part of the writing process is the presentation of the narrative. I get very excited when I am able to create a plot which dazzles the mind of the reader through my use of creativity.  I simply love it!”

Therefore, if you are a reader that is searching for a new niche` within the genre of Mystery, please

look no further. Mr. Poole’s new release “The Mysterious Chronicles of the Unexplained.”  Will be made

available online April, 2014   at